Honda NSF 100 Big Bore Kit available from BBR Motorsports

The BBR 120cc Big Bore Engine Kit boosts horsepower and acceleration for NSF/XR/CRF 100 motors. Increased displacement, higher compression and large cooling fins enhance the performance and longevity of the motor. This is the only NSF/XR/CRF 100 bore kit that matches the new rocker arms perfectly to the new high performance BBR camshaft. This kit is ready to go and bolts on with no case boring required. Dyno tests show more than 2HP gain with this kit.

 - Increased displacement
 - High compression
 - High performance camshaft
 - New rocker arms and adjusters
 - Gasket kit
 - Complete piston, pin, clip and rings

411-HXR-1001 Retail: $339.95

Other performance upgrades for the NSF 100:

BBR 26mm Carburetor Kit complete with manifold adapter, throttle assembly, throttle cable and extra jets for fine tuning.
420-HXR-1001 Retail $299.95

BBR HD Clutch Springs eliminate clutch slip. Works with stock clutch pack for longer life and less slippage.
410-HXR-1005 Retail $24.95

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