Derek Costella wins both the 10" and 12" expert class at 2008 MiniMoto SX - Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV (May 2, 2008)  BBR/Monster Energy factory rider Derek Costella became the first ever to win both the 10-inch and 12-inch wheel expert finals on the same night at the 2008 Maxxis MiniMoto SX. After an intense night of racing, Costella walked away with his third 12-inch expert title in three years, as well as the title in 10-inch expert class. Derek took the holeshot in both main events and led the field all 10 laps in both races. This performance clearly demonstrated that Costella is the fastest man on the planet when it comes to Mini SX racing. BBR/Monster Energy teammate Ryan Abrigo was right behind Costella all night and joined him on the podium with a 2nd place finish in the 12-inch expert class and a 3rd place finish in the 10-inch expert class

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BBR Factory rider Tim Weigand finished the 10-inch class with a strong 4th place finish giving BBR/Monster Energy 3 out of the top 4 places in the 10-inch class.

BBR was also pleased to see Scott Champion finish 4th in the 12-inch expert class onboard his Randy’s Cabinets BBR perimeter frame race machine and BBR supported rider Jan Pontanilla who finished third place in the Women’s class on her Aloha Cycles BBR Perimeter frame machine.  Another BBR friend worth noting is Randy Pekarek who won the 12” Stock/mod class on his Faster Minis/BBR supported ride.

BBR/Monster factory riders Greg Crater and Jason Ellis also made the podium in the 10-inch Stock/Mod and 12-inch Stock/Mod classes respectively.

BBR/Monster factory rider and Dirt Bike editor Adam Booth finished 4th in the 10-inch Amateur class. BBR/Monster factory rider Tony Esposito finished 5th in 12-inch Amateur. In the Vet class, BBR’s good friend Victor Sheldon took the holeshot but got tangled up with another rider and ended up finishing 6th.

The icing on the cake this weekend was seeing BBR/Monster factory rider, Ryan Abrigo take the hard-fought win in the minibike exhibition race at the Las Vegas Supercross.  Ryan put it all on the line and battled back from a crash late in the race to get the win in front of thousands of fans on Saturday night at the Supercross series finale in Vegas.

BBR Motorsports wants to congratulate Derek Costella and Ryan Abrigo for their outstanding performances, and thank all the riders that came out to put on a show for the fans.   BBR also wants to thank its race team partners that produce world-class components and contribute the success of the team:

Kitaco representatives from Japan were helping out in BBR pits as a part of their on-going venture with the BBR/Monster race team.  The Kitaco SE 4-V technology took the holeshot, the win and second place in the 12-inch expert class, promising a bright future for this cutting edge technology from Kitaco.  In addition to the race team partnership, Kitaco distributes their line of performance products through BBR Motorsports.

Daytona of Japan supported the BBR race team with the fastest CRF50 based motor technology in the world.  BBR’s Daytona motor program came through with 3 out of the top 4 in the 10-inch expert class with 1st, 3rd and 4th place finishes by BBR riders.  BBR continues to distribute Daytona performance products for the US market and is working closely with Daytona engineers on projects for 2009.

Marzocchi suspension was once again an important component in the performance of the BBR/Monster race bikes.  Marzocchi continues to lead the industry in performance and is a strong supporter of the BBR/Monster race team.

Elka has a long winning record with BBR and continues to support the BBR/Monster race team with the best rear-suspension shocks around.  BBR’s Supershock (by Elka) is at the heart of all BBR Perimeter frames and continues to rack up more wins than any other shock.

BBR would like to give a special thanks to Kent Kawasaki for providing the use of their race hauler and mechanical support to the BBR/Monster Energy Team.   BBR also thanks Tony Scavo for his incredible photo coverage of the race.  Learn more about Tony’s fine work at

2008 Maxxis MiniMoto SX - Race Results

Adult Class

MM10A - 10" Rear Wheel Amateur Class

MM10E - 10" Rear Wheel Expert Class

1) Brad Nauditt
2) David Segers
3) Tyler Zuech
1) Derek Costella
2) Michael Blose
3) Ryan Abrigo
MM12A - 12" Rear Wheel Amateur Class MM12E - 12" Rear Wheel Expert Class
1) David Segers
2) Brad Nauditt
3) Dexter Dickinson
1) Derek Costella
2) Ryan Abrigo
3) Mike Valade

MM35+ - 12" Rear Wheel 35+yrs. old  Class

MMW - Womens Class

1) Tod Sciacqua
2) Jonathan Levey
3) Kevin Popaeko
1) Tatum Sik
2) Jena Ellis
3) Jan Pontanilla

MM10 Stock/Mod - XR/CRF50 or TTR50 only.

MM12 Stock/Mod - KLX/DRZ110, CRF70 and TTR90 only

1) Jake Osbourne
2) Dustin Somogyi
3) Greg Crater
1) Randy Pekarek
2) Tanner Alexander
3) Jason Ellis

Youth Class

MM10Y - 10" Rear Wheel Youth Class

MM12Y - 12" Rear Wheel Youth Class

1) Justin Berry
2) Jason Langford
3) Blake Bagget
1) Austin Politelli
2) Kyle Engle
3) Blake Bagget

MM12Y Stock/Mod - 12" Rear Wheel Youth Class

1) Chanz Early
2) Branden Outcault
3) Kirk Raleigh