BBR/Monster KLX 110 in 2009 Kawasaki Catalog

Seattle, WA - (September 10, 2008) BBR Motorsports and Kawasaki have had a lot in common in recent years.  Both companies have partnered with Monster Energy and achieved amazing levels of visibility in the industry.  In addition to the common Monster Energy link, BBR and Kawasaki have absolutely dominated the podium in their MX categories.  Perhaps the most significant link between the two companies is the impact that BBR and Kawasaki have made on the world of pitbikes with the KLX 110.  BBR has developed more cutting edge aftermarket technology and put more KLX 110’s on the podium than any other race team.  With this ever expanding body of common interest…it should come as no surprise that ‘Team Green’ has included Derek Costella in the 2009 Kawasaki catalog on-board his BBR/Monster Energy KLX 110.


BBR has become an icon in the industry with the signature black & green color scheme on their BBR/Monster Energy factory race bikes.  Kawasaki has incorporated this look into their MX line by offering a Limited Edition black with green Monster Energy version of each KX and KLX bike in their 2009 catalog.  BBR is excited about the direction Kawasaki is heading and is appreciative of the high level of commitment Kawasaki has shown in the pit bike and play bike world with the KLX 110 and KLX 140. See BBR’s complete line of performance products for these Kawasaki’s at or call BBR toll free at (888) 668-6227 or (253) 631-8233.