Kitaco 4-Valve Head for KLX 110


Seattle, WA -    The BBR engineers came back from Kitaco headquarters in Japan a few weeks ago with the new 4-Valve cylinder head. They have been testing this 4-Valve cylinder head on the SE-4V 160cc bore kit and the results have been very positive. This is the best out-of-the-box bore kit BBR has ever tested. The power curve is absolutely perfect for motocross applications.  The BBR Monster Energy race team is building its 2008 race bikes around this technology.


143cc Kitaco SE 4-Valve Bore Kit (Click for Details)  


160cc Kitaco SE 4-Valve Bore Kit (Click for Details)


BBR is your source for this amazing bore kit.   These kits are in short supply, so BBR is taking orders now…

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Check out video of BBR's trip to Kitaco here: