MINI4GB is Europe’s premiere 4 stroke Minibike race series and the official ACU backed, British 4 Stroke Minibike Championship.
2008 round 1

The MINI4GB series is a national status race series but its participants are riders of all abilities. Its the all inclusive series where everyone is encouraged to race. The skill levels vary from minibike pro's like Trevor Scott, a national champion in 2 classes in 2007, right down to weekend warriors who just love to bang bars with fellow minibike fans. Our tracks are the best in the country and are designed to test the best but are also still fun to ride, whatever your skill level.

Racing takes place around the UK at various locations over 6 months. Minibike tracks are custom built for the races, ensuring that the racers can have the ultimate minibike race experience. The bikes are small but the action is huge, people watching minibike racing for the first time are often blown away by the speeds, the closeness of the racing and the big air that riders are getting on relatively small bikes. Check out the website www://