The BBR/Monster Energy Team Prepares for MiniMoto SX

March 26th 2008 - Seattle, WA – The BBR race team has been busy over the winter putting together the building blocks of it 2008 race team.  There will be significant new technology utilized by the team at this year’s event.  BBR will have several factory race bikes using prototype designs.  Many BBR performance upgrades are developed for the race team.  Once proven to perform at the highest level, they often become part of the product offering at BBR.

BBR’s partnership with Kitaco has resulted in a completely new motor program that is built on the Kitaco SE 4-Valve Bore kit technology for the MM12E class.  The new motors have been tested against last year’s motors and the results have been impressive.  BBR is very excited about this new technology, and in addition to running them in Vegas, the company will be importing these kits for the US market.

In addition to BBR’s new motor program, each of the BBR Factory race bikes in the MM12E class will be running the U-Flow Air Filter kit with air boot.  This kit maximizes airflow into the KLX motors and allows the bikes to be correctly jetted and improves throttle response for the KLX-based motors.

In the MM10E classes, BBR will continue its use of the Daytona SOHC and DOHC motor platforms.  The BBR race team traveled to Japan earlier in the year to meet with Daytona to further advance the Daytona motor program.  The refinements that came from that meeting will be put to use at MiniMoto SX with the latest BBR/Daytona prepared motors.


Monster Energy has continued to elevate its level of support and involvement with the BBR/Monster Race team.  The bikes this year will have a fresh look with a completely re-designed graphics kit.



All total, BBR/Monster Energy will have 25 Factory race bikes competing in Vegas and will have very strong contenders in every class.  In addition, there will be scores of loyal BBR customers flying the BBR/Monster Energy colors as they race MiniMoto SX.


Look for 2-time MiniMoto SX Champion, Derek Costella and his team mate 7-Time Supercross Champion, Jeremy McGrath to be setting the fastest lap times again this year along with some surprise riders and up and coming new BBR talent.  These guys are currently testing the new machines and getting set to defend the championship in the “biggest pit bike race in the world” MiniMoto SX.