Product Release - U-Flow Air Filter Kit/KLX110

Seattle, WA (January 30,2008) -

BBR Motorsports has developed a completely new intake/air filter system for the KLX 110.  The U-Flowtm improves performance in several ways:

            Sharper throttle response

            Shields filter from dirt and debris

            Maximizes air-flow with high-volume oversized Unitm air filter

            Allows bike to be jetted for optimum performance

The U-Flowtm system turns the filter around so it faces backwards, keeping it shielded from dirt and mud.  It comes with a high-volume oversized Unitm filter maximizing air flow. This innovative upgrade allows the bike to be jetted for optimum performance. The U-Flow delivers a high volume of air to your carburetor resulting in sharper throttle response. 

The kit includes: U-Flowtm chamber, manifold adapter boots for (stock, 26mm Mikuni and 28mm Keihin D-slide carburetors,) clamps, mounting bracket & hardware, and high-volume oversized Unitm filter.      

                                                                                           The U-Flow Solution

The BBR U-Flow Air Filter System is a great solution to many of the problems associated with the standard location of the air filter on the KLX 110.

 Problem #1: The standard filter clogs up and restricts air-flow as dirt and mud accumulate on the filter due to its location directly behind the wheel.

 U-Flow Solution: The U-Flow device turns the filter around and moves it away from the front wheel shielding it from dirt and debris preventing build-up on the filter.

 Problem #2: Tight fit requiring small pancake style filter which tends to suck into the throat of the carburetor causing an off-idle stumble.

 U-Flow Solution: Allows for an oversized high-volume filter which maximizes airflow into your motor resulting in quicker throttle response.

 Problem #3: The standard pancake-style filter makes it tough to jet correctly. 

 U-Flow Solution: Providing a higher volume of air to the carburetor, the U-Flow allows you to jet the bike for maximum performance

**Note** Jetting Specs for U-Flow Air Filter **Note**

*Colder weather requires larger jets. Warmer  weather and higher octane require smaller jets.*

92 octane @ sea level (60 degrees)

Stock KLX 110 = OEM Stock Carb and OEM Pipe  (95-100 main jet)

Stock KLX 110 = OEM Stock Carb and BBR Pipe  (100 -105 main jet)

KLX 110 Stock Carb 143cc Kit = (100-105 main jet)

KLX 110 Stock Carb 143cc Kit and BBR Pipe = (105 and up main jet)

KLX 110 143cc Kit, 26mm Mikuni Carb and BBR Pipe = (180 main jet, 22.5 Pilot)

KLX 110 160cc Kit, 26mm Mikuni Carb and BBR Pipe = (190 main jet, 22.5 Pilot)

KLX 110 160cc+  Kit, 28mm Kiehn Carb and BBR Pipe = (120 main jet, 42 Pilot)


**Note** - Every rider and bike runs differently, however this will get you started. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact BBR anytime. (888) 668-6227

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Air Filter Kit - U-Flow / KLX/DRZ110 02-Present

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