BBR Motorsports Sponsors 1st Annual US Mini Roadrace National
Seattle, WA - (January 29th, 2007)   BBR Announces Sponsorship of 1st Annual US Mini 
Roadrace National to be held August 1-3, 2008.  USAIR is hosting the event which is 
organized by Cam Morehead of M&M Racing and SEMRA 
(Southeastern Mini Road race Association).
This fast paced sport has seen quick growth with organizations sprouting up from coast to 
coast in the last few years.  Race organizer, Cam Morehead, attributes much of the growth 
in mini road racing to the rising cost of racing big bikes.  SEMRA has become one of the 
leaders in Mini racing and Cam, of M&M Racing, is well known for his R&D in the field 
of custom wheels, brakes, and suspension for the mini road race bikes.  Together they have 
worked for the last year to ensure that every club can find a class in which their bikes and 
racers could compete.  After visiting and evaluating tracks all over the country, Cam selected 
USA International Raceway in Shawano, WI. The facility is second to none and the staff 
and track have the highest level of professionalism. 
BBR is supporting this event as a part of its ongoing commitment to help grow the sport of 
minibike racing.  The company is enthusiastic about this big event and appreciates the efforts 
by Cam Morehead and the folks at SEMRA to make this dream become a reality. You can 
check out the event details, class structure and entry fees at the following web sites:
Event website:
Event forum:
M&M Racing: