Jason Lawrence & BBR Motorsports Team Up For Run @ Maxxis MiniMotoSX Title


Boost Mobile/ampm/Monster Energy/Troy Racing WSX champ is registered to race Vegas’ MMSX on a custom BBR ‘works’ 110


AUBURN, Wash., (April 21, 2009) – Officials at BBR (Brown Brothers Racing) Motorsports announced today that defending WSX Lites champion, Jason Lawrence (Boost Mobile/ampm/Monster Energy/Troy Racing) is registered and will contest the premier MME-12, or expert 12” wheel class, on a ‘works’ BBR/Monster Energy V3 Perimeter 110/160 4-Valve at the upcoming Maxxis MiniMotoSX at Vegas’ Orleans Arena, Friday, May 1st.

BBR, the industry leader in adult four-stroke playbike performance technology, and Lawrence got together when Lawrence showed some interest in possibly checking out the MMSX on Friday prior to the Monster Energy Supercross finals in Vegas the following day.

“I thought it’d be something fun to check out,” said Lawrence of the MMSX. “BBR was down with setting up a bike for me and I thought ‘Yeah, let’s go for it.’”

With a free ride to the finals if he so chooses (MMSX promoters’ ruling regarding SX/MX champs racing MMSX), Lawrence can step in and, with the same amount of practice time all the other pros get on Thursday prior to the race, see if he can top the likes of defending champ – BBR’s Derek Costella. Or, if Lawrence decides to go the qualifier route, he’ll get some more saddle time on the custom #338 BBR MM12E bike.

“Yeah, I haven’t really thought about that yet,” said Lawrence of his MMSX strategy. “I’ve got a couple mini bikes, but I’m sure they’re not nearly as fast as what BBR’s putting together for me. I’m pumped to ride it, really. Friday at the Orleans is gonna be a blast.”

BBR engineers pulled no punches on creating a MONSTER of 160cc mini for Lawrence. Check out this list of some of the goodies that went into crafting this custom bike for the defending WSX Champ.

-BBR V3 Polished Aluminum Perimeter Frame
-BBR Billet SuperComp Adjustable Swingarm
-BBR HD SuperShock
-BBR Disc Brakes (front and rear)
-Galfer Wave Rotors
-BBR Race Team Billet Hubs (front and rear)
-Marzocchi Shiver 35mm Forks w/BBR Race Team Re-Valve and Springs
-Kitaco 160cc Big Bore w/Stroker Crank
-Kitaco SE-4V Race Head w/BBR Race Team Mods
-BBR Forged Output Shaft w/HD 1st Gear
-BBR 4-Speed
-Takegawa Special Clutch w/Cable Cover
-BBR Lightened Flywheel
-Keihin 28mm D-Slide Carb w/BBR Intake
-BBR U-Flow Air Filter
-BBR D2 Performance Exhaust System
-BBR Forged Kick Starter
-One Industries Custom “J-Law Replica” Graphics Package

“While Jason’s no stranger to high level competition, we wanted to make sure he’s outfitted with the best, most competitive bike we could possibly create to line up for the MiniMotoSX,” said BBR’s Duane Brown. “Everything the Monster Energy/BBR Race Team and BBR Factory Team guys have access to, we’ve engineered into the #338 bike for Jason. And I think I speak for everyone not only here at BBR, but in the entire MX industry, that we can’t wait to see how Jason does against the world’s top mini bike racers in Vegas.”

Pitting under the BBR banner at Vegas along with Lawrence and Costella will be Ryan Abrigo, Derek Rose, Jason Anderson (Monster/BBR), Tim Weigand and Victor Sheldon (BBR Factory) along with the all the other BBR factory team riders.

Depending on which Brown Brother you talk to (Duane, Chris or Brent), BBR was founded sometime between 1981 when Brent Brown was into drag racing and 1982 when they changed the name of their bike shop to “BBR” and began sponsoring local BMX racers. Over the years BBR Motorsports has grown into the industry’s premier adult four-stroke playbike performance technology company. Engineering from the minds of racers, coupled with the latest in CAD and CNC technology, allows BBR to house one of the largest selections of innovative four-stroke MX performance parts in the world. Names from McGrath and Stanton to Costella and Abrigo dominate the nation’s premier adult mini cycle races riding BBR product – so can you. Check them out on the web at www.bbrmotorsports.com