CPSIA Lead Ban Update – KLX 110 and others Now Available For Sale!

(Seattle, WA. March 26, 2009) In an effort to clarify the latest news on the CPSIA lead ban as of March 26th, 2009 BBR has contacted the four major motorcycle manufacturers (Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda) regarding which models and components are currently available for purchase at the dealerships. Fortunately some of the previously banned models and components are now available for purchase at your local dealership. Below is an updated list of models that are now available from the manufacturers.

Bikes and Components Now Available For Sale and Purchase:

KLX 110

RM 85 / RM 85L
DRZ 125 / DRZ 125L

TTR 90
TTR 110

No changes

This is very encouraging news for the motorcycle industry as a whole and BBR would like to encourage everyone to get involved and have your voice heard. Below is a list of links where you can get involved as well as a link to a fantastic video of Malcolm Smith’s protest of CPSC. Check it out!

Video: http://www.racerxonline.com/article/malcolm-smith-cpsc-protest-video.aspx