BBR Motorsports - MiniMoto 12" Production Race Bike

The perfect balance of quality, performance, affordability and pride of ownership.

*Starting at $4,299 + shipping

(*Price as Shown  $4,599 / U-Flow Kit, Rotor Upgrade, Billet Exhaust Tip)

*This BBR MM12P 150cc race bike is sold for off-road adult closed-course competition use only.

*The MM12P is designed, built and sold for competition use only, and is not EPA certified for use on public roads or highways, or on public land requiring green stickers (CA) or where other off-road EPA certifications are required.

Specifications and availability subject to change without notice.

Options *
• U-Flow Air Filter and Performance Manifold Kit $199.95
• Super lightweight BBR Deflection™ rotors $79.95 ea.
• Red Anodized D2 exhaust Tip $32.95
• Cancel Core muffler insert (91 decibels) $89.95
• Color Upgrade - Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow $99.95
• Shock spring 975 lbs (soft) $89.95
• Shock spring 1200 lbs (firm) $89.95
• Fork springs .42 (soft) $79.95
• Fork springs .50 (firm) $79.95
• Leverage block, Black (firm) $55.95
• Leverage block, Red (soft) $55.95
• Works Connection Elite Clutch lever assembly $139.95
• Works Connection front master cylinder cover $27.95
• Works Connection rear master cylinder cover $24.95
• Works Connection rotating lever clamp for front brake $27.95
• Works Connection EZ Holeshot $109.95
• Front sprockets 12T or 14T (13T standard) $16.95
• Rear sprockets 42T or 44T (43T standard) $39.95
• Replacement air filter only $19.95

* Pricing on options is for item only. Installation, if desired, is extra.

Mini-Moto 12” Production Race Bike

The perfect balance of quality, performance, affordability and pride of ownership.

Basic Q&A’s

(1.) Is the BBR Production Bike made in China?

No, this is not a Chinese manufactured bike. We are using manufacturing partners from a number of different countries that we have carefully chosen to insure quality control. For instance, we are having the aluminum frame and swingarm pieces forged in Taiwan to BBR spec’s by a reputable manufacturer we have worked with for over 5 years. The shock is also from Taiwan, designed at BBR using our own exclusive valving, spring rates, and leverage points. Other forged or billet aluminum components such as the Brake Pedal, Shift Lever, Footpeg Mounts, Kickstarter, etc..are also manufactured in Taiwan. Wheels are assembled in China, but we are retaining only the very best quality in the components such as 7075 Aluminum Rims, Stainless Steel Spokes and Nipples, and 6061 straight-pull Billet Hubs. Plastic is from Polisport in Italy, and Forks are from Marzocchi of Italy. The 150ccE motor is from Daytona International, and the carb is from Keihin Racing Japan. Combined with some final components manufactured right here at BBR USA, BBR will assemble each bike in our Auburn, Washington shop to insure quality control.

(2.) How much does the BBR Production Bike cost?

Prices start at $4,299.95 + shipping, ready to race. Upgrades will be available for those who would like to personalize their bike. Upgrades will include:

a. BBR U-Flow Filter Kit
b. BBR Stainless Steel Deflection Rotors
c. Billet Aluminum Red Exhaust Tip
d. Multiple color choices of Plastic Kits
e. Alternative Spring Rates
f. Alternative Cam Grinds
g. Alternative Gearing Choices
h. Alternative Graphics Kits
i. CancelCore Quiet Core Insert

In addition, all other BBR USA components will interchange, including the hand-crafted BBR USA V3 Perimeter Frame Kit if desired.

Since these bikes will be assembled at BBR’s Auburn, Washington facility, we will be able to offer a wide range of custom components to meet every need.

(3.) What is the difference between the $4,299 BBR Production Bike and a full-blown $10,000+ BBR USA Factory Race Bike?

Every inch of our $10,000+ BBR USA Factory Race Bikes is custom-built to race team rider or customer spec’s here in our Auburn, Washington shop. Every component on our Aluminum Frames, Swingarms and Subframes are machined from billet blocks of 6061 aluminum, bent, chopped, welded and heat-treated here at BBR. The engines alone in our Factory Team bikes often exceed $5,000. Aluminum rims are made in Italy, and even the Shock is billet machined from aluminum (by Elka). Fork tubes are DLC or Ti-Nitride coated, and Exhaust Systems are made from a custon-spec’d .0049 thin-wall stainless steel. These hand-crafted Custom BBR Frames Kits and Race Bikes cater to the customer who wants the very best hand-built machine money can buy.

The BBR MM12P Production bike is based on the same BBR engineering and technology, but uses mass production efficiencies in order to keep the cost at a reasonable level. Frame, Swingarm and Subframe components use aluminum forging technology in large quantities. These forgings require up-front tooling, but allow the cost of the individual components to be far less than carving them out of billet blocks of aluminum. Low-cost manufacturing methods like this are used on the BBR Production Bikes wherever possible. The overseas manufacturing is organized to supply all components to our BBR USA shop for assembly, so labor costs for manufacturing is also kept at a minimum. However, we feel that it is critical to continue to have each bike completely assembled here at BBR.

(4.) What is the difference between the $3,999 BBR Production Bike and the less expensive $2,500 Import Bikes on the market?

Quality, from top to bottom. This translates into performance, durability, and pride of ownership. The BBR Production bike is NOT just an assembly of parts. It is a BBR race-proven combination of components that all work together as a unit. Geometry and ergonomics are identical to our BBR Factory Team Bikes. The MM12P uses industry standard nuts, bolts and bolt-patterns, and is fully upgradable to all BBR USA components. Every component is designed, engineered and tested by BBR USA. Though many of the components are manufactured overseas, they are all manufactured from the original BBR engineering drawings.

In addition, BBR will offer a complete service and parts program to make sure customers are taken care of.

Additional Information:

We will continue to offer our BBR USA hand-fabricated Frames and Components for those customers who demand the very best equipment money can buy.

The BBR MM12P Production Bike is designed for those customers who do not want to spend $10,000 on a hand-fabricated BBR USA Race Bike, but who are also unwilling to waste their money on a disposable knock-off bike. The BBR Production Bike offers the perfect balance of quality, performance, affordability, and pride of ownership.

We look forward to working with you,

BBR Motorsports



*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment

*Bikes shown with optional equipment