BBR/DNM Rear Shock
BBR/DNM Rear Shock  
640-KLX-1110(A), Shock - BBR/DNM SuperShock / KLX/DRZ110 02-Present Stock Frame/Swingarm  (non L model) *
641-MMP-1211(A), Bearing/Bushing/Seal Kit - BBR/DNM Shock / MM12P / KLX110
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This item is currently no longer available from BBR Motorsports. The product page has been left online for its information and content to support current owners of the item. Support of replacement parts by BBR is still available. Please see listings below if this applies.

The BBR/DNM KLX/DRZ110 rear shocks are an excellent upgrade for stock style frame and swingarm combinations. Shock features high quality CNC machined billet aluminum components, remote reservoir, 15 clicks of compression and 20 clicks of rebound adjustability along with full spring pre-load adjustment. This shock can be tuned for a very large range of riders. From 100lb aggressive kids to 200lb adult riders.

For standard KLX/DRZ110 models (non L model) the shock is 260mm in length and will raise the rear ride height by 1”. This is a great match for BBR Damping Rods (634-KLX-1101) which raise the front of the bike and also improve fork action for aggressive riders. On the KLX110L shock, the shock is 275mm in length and retains the stock ride height.
    • Fully adjustable compression (15 clicks), rebound (20 clicks), and spring preload
• Remote reservoir
• Fits stock swingarm and most aftermarket stock style swingarms
• CNC machined billet aluminum components throughout
  Application Notes:
640-KLX-1110 -
For use on KLX/DRZ110 (non L model) 2002-Present. Measures 260mm eye-to-eye. Raises seat height by 1.0".

640-KLX-1111 - For use on KLX110L (L model only) 2010-Present . Measures 275mm eye-to-eye. Retain stock seat height.

Both shocks are for use with stock or stock type aftermarket swingarms.
  Installation Instructions:  BBR_SuperShock_Instructions_Print.pdf  

Part Number Application Price  
640-KLX-1110Shock - BBR/DNM SuperShock, 260mm / KLX/DRZ110 02-Present Stock Frame/Swingarm (non L model) *369.95Please Call for Inventory Status on this Item
640-KLX-1111Shock - BBR/DNM SuperShock, 275mm / KLX110L 10-Present Stock Frame/Swingarm *369.95Please Call for Inventory Status on this Item
Replacement Parts:
641-MMP-1211Bearing/Bushing/Seal Kit - BBR/DNM Shock / MM12P / KLX11044.50Please Call for Inventory Status on this Item
Optional Parts:
634-KLX-1101Damping Rod Set - KLX/DRZ110, 02-Present (non L model)89.95Please Call for Inventory Status on this Item