Shock Spring - CRF150/230F, 03-Present
Shock Spring - CRF150/230F, 03-Present  
660-HCF-1505(A), Shock Spring - CRF150/230F, 03-Present
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Custom developed by BBR Motorsports for the ultimate upgrade for mini four-strokes. Sized perfectly for fast/aggressive adult mini riders. Fits Stock Honda CRF150F/230F Shock  
    • 30% stiffer than stock (most models)
• Preset and stress relieved for long life
• Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
• Powder coated finish
  Fits Stock Honda CRF150F/230F Shock  

Part Number Application Price  
660-HCF-1505Shock Spring - CRF150/230F, 03-Present119.95buy
Optional Parts:
625-HCF-1511Linkage - Billet, Black +1" - CRF150F/ + 1/2" - 230F, 03-Present169.95buy
650-HCF-1505Fork Springs - CRF150F, 03-Present99.95buy
650-HCF-2305Fork Springs - CRF230F, 03-Present99.95Please Call for Inventory Status on this Item